Socialist Appeal

Socialist Appeal

Socialist Appeal", órgano del Revolutionary Communist Party, Fourth International, sección inglesa de la Cuarta Internacional.

En el archivo del CEIP:

Número 4, volumen 6: agosto de 1944

  • Germany-What next. Behind the Generals' Revolt.
  • Greek patriots sentenced by fascists. Churchill gives full support.
  • Editorial: The Army of the Revolution.
  • Support German workers.
  • Soldiers protest conditions.

Número 5, volumen 6: mediados de agosto de 1944

  • Stalin and Poland.
  • Release imprisoned comrades.
  • Indian famine.
  • C.P. policy in Ireland.
  • Editorial: Trotsky and the Fourth International.

Número 10, volumen 6: mediados de diciembre de 1944

  • L.P. Conference. Labour lefts sell out.
  • Hands off the Greek workers! Out with Churchill!
  • Indian Trotskyists imprisoned.
  • Editorial: food as a counter-revolutionary weapon.
  • Statement of the Indian Trotskyists on trial.
  • Behind the Greek events.
  • European revolution.

Número 10, volumen 6: enero de 1945

  • Indian troops join E.L.A.S.
  • Editorial: Arms and the Class.
  • Italian Trotskyists gaining support.
  • Withdraw British troops from Greece.
  • Tyne boilermakers summons Vickers.