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Socialist Appeal (1939-1940)

Socialist Appeal (1939-1940)

"Socialist Appeal", órgano semanal del Socialist Workers Party, sección norteamericana de la Cuarta Internacional.

Número 1, volumen 3, 7 de enero de 1939.

  • Fight cuts in W.P.A.!
  • Yankee Imperialism at Lima.
  • Socialist Party comes to an end.
  • Moscow frameups exposed by trial of Ukraine GPU.

Número 2, volumen 3, 14 de enero de 1939.

  • F.D.R. cuts WPA, booms war.
  • Leon Trotsky hits back at NY 'Daily News' slanders.
  • Número 3, volumen 3, 21 de enero de 1939.
  • 1,000,000 cut from WPA.
  • Fight Roosevelt's war program!
  • Barcelona workers face supreme test.
  • Sharecroppers dramatize their plight in sitdown on Missouri's tobacco road.
  • Faction fight flares again in U.A.W. executive board.

Número 4, volumen 3, 28 de enero de 1939.

  • Save the auto union! Auto workers! Stop the union-wreckers.
  • Barcelona can be a second Madrid.
  • Don't be fooled by F.D.R.'s sham 'battle' for relief!
  • Número 14, volumen 3, 10 de marzo de 1939.
  • Madrid seeks truce.
  • Army bill voted by House is one more step on war road.
  • Mass against WPA cuts on April 1!
  • Convention marked by red-baiting.
  • 'The way to fight against fascism is to lie down and make believe you area dead'
  • Japanese economy strained to meet growing burdens.

Número 20, volumen 3, 31 de marzo de 1939.

  • Fight W.P.A. slashes.
  • Madrid crushed under iron heel of Franco.
  • Uneasy interlude opens in Europe.
  • Ghandi gives 'advice' to British imperialists.

Número 28, volumen 3, 28 de abril de 1939.

  • Demonstrate on May Day to prostest against Boss War.
  • We summon the American Youth to struggle for a New Life, Not to find foul death in fighting the Bosses' Battles.
  • A workers' defense guard is the only answer to the fascists.

Número 29, volumen 3, 2 de mayo de 1939.

  • Hitler demands share of swag.
  • Britain drafts masses for war.
  • SWP calls anti-war convention.
  • One third of WPA to be fired by July 1.
  • The truth on Spain' s betrayal.
  • In its conquest of a world empire see french democracy at work.

Número 30, volumen 3, 5 de mayo de 1939.

  • FDR pushes drive on jobless.
  • Danzig new focal point of war crisis.
  • Editorial: jobless want jobs, not battleships!
  • French empire faces the wrath of its oppressed colonial masses.
  • Father Coughlin favors fascist dictatorship in his magazine.
  • SWP holds anti-war May Day demonstrations.

Número 31, volumen 3, 9 de mayo de 1939.

  • Litivinov ouster bid to Hitler.
  • The Problem of the Ukraine, by Leon Trotsky.
  • British draft plan meets Irish protest.
  • Legislators unite to force relief slashes.

Número 32, volumen 3, 12 de mayo de 1939.

  • Britain's ruling class is maneuvering for a war alliance with U.S.
  • Soundings for Stalin-Hitler Pact continue.
  • What do the amendments to the Wagner Act mean for the American working class?

Número 34, volumen 3, 19 de mayo de 1939.

  • Lewis calls for more WPA jobs.
  • Roosevelt's pal: Anastasio Somoza, bloody dictator of Nicaragua.
  • Britain is again rebuffed by Russia.

Número 36, volumen 3, 26 de mayo de 1939.

  • Silence shrouds relief slashes
  • Meet boss attacks with Workers Defense!
  • Bow down! Their majesties are coming to weld war relations.
  • Huge protest meets British plan to reduce Jews to ghetto status.

Número 37, volumen 3, 30 de mayo de 1939.

  • Picket lines form in Detroit.
  • Auto workers strike five Briggs plants.
  • Cops attack SWP anti-Coughlin rally.
  • Britain offers tje Jews a haven.

Número 44, volumen 3, 23 de junio de 1939.

  • Administration bill wrecking WPA jammed through the House.
  • Fascists attack labor meeting.
  • What the party members say on National Convention Problems.
  • On mass work and its relation to the struggle against Stalinism.

Número 45, volumen 3, 27 de junio de 1939.

  • FDR gives war defy to Japan.
  • Practical struggle against war to feature Party Convention.
  • Powers in tangle over China loot.
  • Convention problems of the SWP under discussion.
  • Militant urges ILGW to form defense squads.
  • Stopping the cancer of fascism -by CP's methods or by ours?

Número 46, volumen 3, 30 de junio de 1939.

  • Powers move to brink of war.
  • War crisis simmers on Europe and Asia fronts.
  • Party Convention: on the relation between mass agitation and trade union work.
  • Towards the drawing of a balance sheet on the Kremlin's purges.
  • The New Deal skirts US housing needs to build its war machine.

Número 48, volumen 3, 7 de julio de 1939.

  • SWP Convention calls for fight against boss war.
  • Roosevelt signs bill wrecking the WPA.
  • Convention resolution on Workers Defense Guard.

Número 49, volumen 3, 11 de julio de 1939.

  • WPA construction strike will force congress to change law!
  • National Anti-war Convention of the SWP.
  • SWP and Negro work. Resolution adopted by the National Convention.
  • Convention adopts program of expansion in organization drive to build the SWP.

Número 50, volumen 3, 14 de julio de 1939.

  • Workers! One hundred percent support to the WPA strikers!
  • New Deal officials threats fail to slow up national WPA strike.
  • Coughlin delivers fascist blast against workers defense squads.

Número 51, volumen 3, 18 de julio de 1939.

  • New Deal strikebreaking moves fail to smash WPA strike lines.
  • Let the people vote on war: the history of the war referendum.

Número 60, volumen 3, 18 de agosto de 1939.

  • SWP calls for united labor action against the fascist invasion.
  • New York workers gird for anti-Coughlion demonstration.
  • Board of war dictators set up by Washington.

Número 62, volumen 3, 25 de agosto de 1939.

  • Stalin gives Hitler the go-ahead signal!
  • Enlist in the SWP to fight against imperialist war.
  • Stop fascism in America!
  • NY anti-fascist protest sends Coughlinites scurrying for cover.
  • Stalin, Hitler become allies by new treaty.

Número 64, volumen 3, 1 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Workers! Guard against FDR plot to drag U.S. into war.
  • Communist Party members: break with Stalinist bondage!
  • What road with the CP members take?
  • The Negro question.

Número 65, volumen 3, 5 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Workingmen, this is not our war! It is war of the bosses! Down with the war!
  • Behind the Stalin-Hitler Pact. What it is and what it isn't.
  • Only the workers can stop the new world slaughter.

Número 66, volumen 3, 6 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt 'war deal' acts to provide Britain and France with war credits.
  • Behind the Stalin-Hitler Pact. What it is and what it isn't.
  • In the struggle against war.

Número 68, volumen 3, 11 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt decrees strike at liberties of American people.
  • Who is guilty of starting the Second World War?, by Leon Trotsky.
  • The War and the Nazi-Soviet Pact, by Leon Trotsky.
  • What life in the US will be like when it enters war -a preview.
  • A revolutionary Manifesto against imperialist war, from England.
  • There is a division among the many war mongers.

Número 70, volumen 3, 15 de septiembre de 1939.

  • FDR calls special session to vote on war moves.
  • A Manifesto to the Oppressed Peoples of Latin America, Asia, Africa!
  • Not even the Kremlin knows!
  • Independence of the Ukraine and Sectarian Muddleheads, by Leon Trotsky.
  • Jobless union formed at seven state CIO Conference takes stand against War Deal.
  • The Stalinist War line adds a new wrinkle.

Número 71, volumen 3, 18 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt moves for war under cover of neutrality
  • Is the partitioning of Poland part of Hitler-Stalin Pact?
  • Machinery for dragooning US people into the war is all ready.
  • Independence of the Ukraine and Sectarian Muddleheads, by Leon Trotsky.

Número 72, volumen 3, 20 de septiembre de 1939.

  • Republicans, Democrats unite behind FDR for war session.
  • Trotsky sees closer Hitler-Stalin ties.
  • Trotsky on the Negro Question.
  • The War Deal.

Número 73, volumen 3, 3 de octubre de 1939.

  • 'Cash and carry' speeds war entry.
  • Stalin signs 'Friendship Agreement' with Hitler.
  • Editorial: The first victim of the war: democracy.
  • Baltic Nations slated for axe as carving of Poland is finished.
  • Big Business primes itself for war profits.
  • The balance sheet of Stalinist Bonapartism.

Número 77, volumen 3, 10 de octubre de 1939.

  • Big business sees nation herded into world slaughter by spring.
  • The USSR in the war, by Leon Trotsky.
  • 'The Declaration of Panama' -Roosevelt drives to war.
  • Brutality, terror and starvation -The mesure of life under Hitler.

Número 80, volumen 3, 20 de octubre de 1939.

  • Begin drive for Canada anti-war militant.
  • Auto workers gird for action against inhuman speed-up and lockout attack on unionization.
  • Stalinists break with FDR to aid Stalin-Hitler alliance.
  • Pile up an Anti-War vote by voting for SWP candidates!

Número 81, volumen 3, 24 de octubre de 1939.

  • Stalin, the temporary holder of the Ukraine, by Leon Trotsky.
  • J.L. Lewis opens drive in CIO to "clean house" of Stalinists.
  • An answer to the hue and cry against the Marxist position on the war, by Felix Morrow.
  • British social-patriots veil imperialist war aims with anti-Hitler battle cries.

Número 83, volumen 3, 31 de octubre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt uses "Flint" seizure to promote US war plans.
  • Labor and the Second World War.
  • Democratic Feudalists and the Independence of the Ukraine, by Leon Trotsky.
  • What the Nazi press says about the Stalin-Hitler war alliance.
  • Will Stalinist Regime add to its conquests?

Número 84, volumen 3, 3 de noviembre de 1939.

  • Embargo repeal is step towards war! SWP calls for an anti-war vote!
  • Bill turns US into armory for Allied war camp.
  • Mexican Stalinists publish filthy anti-semitic attack on the Trotskyist movement.
  • Labor and the Second World War.
  • Thomas-Lovestone groups yield to the pressure of "democratic" imperialists.
  • British workers upon whom war's misery has fallen, are rallying to the defense of their interests.

Número 85, volumen 3, 7 de noviembre de 1939.

  • G-men frame up teamsters union leaders.
  • Workers of Manhattan and Bronx, your first-choice vote must go to labor's anti-war candidates!
  • Can workers accept Molotoff's explanation?, by Felix Morrow.
  • Labor and the Second World War.

Número 86, volumen 3, 10 de noviembre de 1939.

  • Stalin's fake 'left turn' masks reactionary foreign policy.
  • The future is not a gloomy one---for the bosses!, editorial.
  • British impose one-man rule on Indians.
  • Labor and the Second World War.
  • Ceylonese masses want no part of the bosses' war.
  • American imperialists turn hungry eyes towards China.

Número 88, volumen 3, 17 de noviembre de 1939.

  • Auto barons mobilize fascist gangs against Chrysler union.
  • The cards were stacked all the time...for war, editorial.
  • Labor and the Second World War.
  • The last time the Stalinists peddled that "radical" line, the Nazis took power.

Número 89, volumen 3, 21 de noviembre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt neutral -in a pig's eye! Neutrality law full of loopholes for intervention.
  • 50,000 auto workers blast Chrysler union-busting plans.
  • Labor and the Second World War.
  • Labor movement in strait-jacket of dictatorship and repression.
  • Only the Fourth International fights in revolutionary opposition to the war in Britain.
  • They alibi for social-patriots; insult Leninists, by Felix Morrow.

Número 90, volumen 3, 24 de noviembre de 1939.

  • Rumblings of revolt shake war camps. Third camp raises its head in first weeks of war, by Felix Morrow.
  • Hands off the trade unions, Mister Roosevelt, editorial.

Número 93, volumen 3, 16 de diciembre de 1939.

  • Roosevelt forgets the 'forgotten man'. Minneapolis unions fight the FBI frame-up.
  • Stalin's real crime in Finland, editorial.
  • Wholesale massacre of Finland's workers made 'republic' possible, by Victor Serge.

Número 3, volumen 4, 20 de enero de 1940.

  • FDR misery budget swells army of starving millions.
  • "Poor Little Finland", some pertinent history-past and present.
  • A 'Marxist' alibi for the jingoes on Finland.
  • Stalin claims "a year of Bolshevik victories".